Saturday, September 05, 2015


Getting an Atari ST after all these years is such a joy and I feel like a teenager again!! However, this also means that I have the problem of how to get downloaded software from my Mac onto an Atari floppy disk. This might be the most awesome 16-Bit computer but it has no ethernet, USB, WiFi... So how can we get files onto an ST?

Well, one option is ParCp-USB by Petr Stehlik. This is little device plugs into the ST's parallel port and features a Mini USB socket so we can connect any Atari computer to either a Mac or PC with ease. The next thing to do is decide which of your computers you want as either a server or a client. One machine must be a server and the other is the client that connects. It's easy and I've recorded a video to demonstrate my Atari ST running the server software whilst my Mac connects to it. The only caveat is the need for a hard drive because floppy disks are too slow and will probably time out. I have no hard drive device myself but I can confirm that a RamDisk works just dandy!

ParCP-USB is a fantastic product that makes the job of transferring files a doddle.

PARCP running on my Mac using  (Mac on the left - Atari ST on the right)

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